Medical Education & Health Administrative System

Medical Education & Health Administration System is an initiative by Dr.NTRUHS in collaboration with National informatics Centre (NIC), GoI, APSC, Vijayawada to deliver various services of the University in a transparent and secured manner using latest Information Technology.

Present status of the project :

Inauguration of the first phase of MEdHAS at Dr.NTRUHS by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor.NIC initiated the computerisation of major activities of Dr.NTRUHS and named the project asMedical Education & Health Administrative System (MEdHAS) with the following modules ie

  • Affiliation – College affiliation
  • New Codification of Master Data – Faculty, Course Levels, Courses, Seats, Subjects
  • Electronic Question Paper Online Delivery System (eQPODS)
  • University Dashboard
  • University Student Number Generation from 2018-19
  • Examination Management System – Online – for Colleges
  • Examination Management System – Online – for Dr.NTRUHS
  • Pariseelana & Paryavekshana – To assess the performance of the MEdHAS team.

The first phase of MEdHAS is launched by Dr.C.V.Rao, Hon’ble VC, Dr.NTRUHS on 07-01-2019at “Alochana’ Room of Dr.NTRUHS in the presence of Sh B.K.V.V.Prasada Rao, DDG & SIO andDr.V.V.V.Ramana, STD & ASIO, NIC, APSC, Vijayawada.

S.Madhusudhana Rao, STD, NIC, APSC has given the demonstration of USN and DashboardModule. DDG & SIO has inaugurated the USN Generation process. The VC has felicitated SIO & ASIO praising the hardwork of NIC-MEdHAS Team.

Inauguration of Manual of MEdHAS 1.0 by DDG & SIO, NIC,APSC Dr.S.Appala Naidu, Registrar, Dr.NTRUHS unveiled the MEdHAS 1.0 Manual prepared by MEdHAS team featuring the technical and operational aspects of all modules as mentionedabove.

Demonstration on Affiliation Modules to Nursing & Medical Colleges of Dr.NTRUHS

S.Madhusudhana Rao, STD, NIC, APSC has given the demonstration on Affiliation module which is customised as per the data of DrNTRUHS to the Medical and Nurisng Colleges under the University separately. He cleared off all the doubts of the participants. The VC emphasised all college principals to enter their college data for affiliation from this year onwards. The login credentials for each college have been generated and sent to them through SMS gateway. The Video of the operation of the module is also created and is hosted along with the operational manual in the website.

Trial run of EQPODS at Govt Dental College, Vijayawada

EQPODS has been customised with the requirements of DrNTRUHS and is tested many times with sample data. In a practical scenario, 42 question papers are uploaded for the examination and is tested at Govt Dental College, Vijayawada successfully. A practical testing is proposed on 20-03-2019 with four medical colleges at a time. After that, It is proposed to go for the security audit for this module and is to be hosted on cloud environment.

Inauguration of SMS Integration with MEdHAS 1.0

SMS Package for 1 Lakh has been taken by Dr.NTRUHS and is incorporated with MEdHAS USN and Online Service module. It has been inaugurated by Hon’ble VC with sending off Login credentials of all colleges under Dr.NTRUHS through SMS Gateway Interface.

USN Generation for Medical PG Degree & PG Diploma Students

The Admission section has sent us the details of PG Degree of Medical students of 2016, 2018 batches and also PG Diploma of Medical students of 2017, 2018 batches. USN has been generated for all the students by giving 12 digit unique number to each student.

Testing of Mapping and Matching Tool by MEdHAS team

MEdHAS development team has developed a Mapping and Matching tool under the guidance of S.Madhusudhana Rao, STD, NIC, APSC to bring out the linkage between the Admission and Examination section data of MBBS of 2017 batch with minimal effort. It has been tested and is found working excellent. Now, with tis, we are going to port the legacy data of past 30 years data of all streams under Dr.NTRUHS.

Web site re-design of Dr.NTRUHS as per GIGW.

Hired an experienced UX&UI designer for the updation of website of DrNTRUHS with thecompliance of GIGW. It is proposed to be launched on 02/04/2019 by the Hon’ble Governor at the Convocation function of DrNTRUHS.

Implementation of e-Office

Hired one experience e-Office Mentor for imparting training on e-Office at all sections of DrNTRUHS. Gave demonstrations and Hands-on trainings to all staff in each section. It is now under implementation stage.